Blend Music Festival 1 live from Kuwait!

Avant-Garde Music Productions founded by Ali Sleeq put on an amazing evening of live music under the stars that was something comepletely new and unique for Kuwait. The number of people who attended showed that there is a real hunger for a music scene and evenings out needed to let loose here in Kuwait. Hopefully this and Blend 2 (I was unfortunately not able to film Blend 2 as I was in the UAE filming a paintball tournament) will open the eyes of the right people here so more events or a club like this happen! More performance coming and exclusives to be posted on the Avant Garde Music Productions youtube page.

Ali Sleeq, Gary Ruston, Kevin Owen and David Laidlaw joined forces to really put on an amazing performance with So What by Miles Davis.

Ali Sleeq, Gary Ruston, Kevin Owen and David Laidlaw perform Blue Train by John Coltrane and it is awesome.

Lewis Chapman on guitar and vocals and Ali Sleeq on bass perform Someone I’m Looking For.

Lewis Chapman a true renaissance man who is also a gifted painter and Ali Sleeq the event organizer and bad ass blues bassist perform Fisherman on the Bright White Sand. Lewis and I will be filming a video around Kuwait ocean side locations for a video of this song!

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