Monstariam’s Pop Up Graffiti Picnic video

Monstariam and Discovery Mall teamed up and put on the Pop Up Graffiti Picnic where they erected portable walls for artists to try their hand at tagging or whatever they felt like creating. The results were eclectic and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. The guys at Monstariam are really cool, uber talented artists and entrepreneurs. Hopefully they will host more of these in the future and more graphic artists, taggers, hip hop heads and painters will create something beautiful.

Music: Evil Needle – Vibin feat Freddie Joachim

BRUHA EVE – Portrait of an artist documentary

Bruha Eve is a talented artist from the Philippines living in Kuwait. She is also a model, actress and animal lover. She was the first Filipina artist to have an exhibition in Kuwait where her paintings were showcased. She donates half of all proceeds from the sale of her paintings to the Al-Danah Foundation which is dedicated to building day care centers for children and livelihood centers for women in the Philippines. You can contact her here if you wish to commission her to create a piece or if you want to help the Al-Danah Foundation make a difference in the lives of women in children in the Philippines.

Handbook: “23″ and “Hot Air Balloons”.
Kodak to Graph: “Lo Lindora”.
Reid: “Ver”.