Plus One and Draw A Smile help provide for Kuwait’s needy

This one was an absolute pleasure to film and edit. Made me feel really good to see people making such a difference. PLUS ONE and DRAW A SMILE are hard at work ensuring that everyone in Kuwait has a chance to eat a delicious and healthy meal. They have been providing meals to impoverished neighborhoods and low paid workers all across the country. Dari of Hashtag Burgers started PLUS ONE where you the customer need add just 1 KD to your order to buy a meal for someone in need. BiBi a school teacher started DRAW A SMILE which travels to areas of need and provides everything from hot meals to hygiene products. Amr of Solo Pizza Napulitana, Noor of Scrumptious, Hussien of Meals on Wheels, Yousef Bibi’s son, Rakan from Chocolateness and others have joined the initiative to ensure that those who normally can’t enjoy what many of us take for granted like a good meal and the mundane comforts in life get the joy of doing just that. Thanks to all for letting me be part of this and Mark for hooking this up.

BRUHA EVE – Portrait of an artist documentary

Bruha Eve is a talented artist from the Philippines living in Kuwait. She is also a model, actress and animal lover. She was the first Filipina artist to have an exhibition in Kuwait where her paintings were showcased. She donates half of all proceeds from the sale of her paintings to the Al-Danah Foundation which is dedicated to building day care centers for children and livelihood centers for women in the Philippines. You can contact her here if you wish to commission her to create a piece or if you want to help the Al-Danah Foundation make a difference in the lives of women in children in the Philippines.

Handbook: “23″ and “Hot Air Balloons”.
Kodak to Graph: “Lo Lindora”.
Reid: “Ver”.