Can’t Stop Us Round 2 – Battle In Kuwait City

In the heart of Kuwait City the best BBoys in the country came to battle it out for individual pride and to prove who has the illest crew in the country. For nearly 4 grueling hours they went head to head in entertaining, funny and sometimes heated battles. In the end everyone was happy, skills had improved, friendships were created and some BBoys earned spots on the sickest crews in Kuwait. This is the absolute best of the best condensed for your viewing pleasure. Each color is a different battle. The first four songs are courtesy of the Kuwaiti Middle East Beast himself Arabique. The others are from Zeds Dead ft. Omar Linx and one of the best Hip Hop producers alive Handbook!

Arabique – “Risk It All”, “Jihad”, “Limelight Thief”, “Looney Tunes”
Free Mix tape link

Zeds Dead Featuring Omar LinX – “Coffee Break”

Handbook – “Smoketrack”

No matter how hard you try you CAN’T STOP US now!

Here is round one of the Can’t Stop Us BBoy Competition held at Fit 4 Fun in Kuwait. The BBoys had one chance to show what they could in order to make it into the next round where they would battle one another. The vid is raw, no frills and street which is how BBoying ┬áis and should be. I wanted to make sure everyone who came out got their moment to shine. I will be posting Round Two the Battles and finally a shorter, tighter highlight reel showcasing all the dopest moves from the competition with all the editing bells and whistles. All music by Handbook! Check back for more and hope you dig!